Tips on crochet dishcloth

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Making your own crochet dishcloth is a great way of saving money, as well as adding a different look and decor to your kitchen. Hand made crochet dish clothes is very absorbent, last for a very long time as well as do not harbor most smells associated with dishcloths. Crocheting your own dishcloth is also a great start in learning new crocheting techniques if you are a beginner.

Fun Dishcloth Patterns

Instead of making a plain dishcloth, you can add some few patterns to make the dishcloth more interesting. You can use different crochet techniques to make patterns of interesting things such as a daisy, heart, sun, stars and even birds on your crochet dishcloth. For this project you will require yarns of different weights s well as suitable hooks to give the required look.

Dishcloths with Design Patterns

You can use different designs to make a crochet dishcloth, such as the granny crochet pattern, Nubby pattern, lace pattern and circular pattern. All these patterns are different to crochet, and produce different results. Some are easy, some are not so easy, but they are a fun way to spice up your dishcloths.

Dishcloths of different shapes

When it comes to shapes, it seems that the square is the most prefer shape when making dishcloths. Using different yarn colors to make the dishcloth, you can make patterned dishcloths using different crochet techniques. You can also still make circular shape, chicken shape, and star shape among many other shapes for your dishcloth.

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