Tips to consider while planning to crochet baby booties

original stay on robeez style crochet baby booties pattern by angela YXJKBVA
original stay on robeez style crochet baby booties pattern by angela YXJKBVA

If you’re considering making few crochet baby booties for your own baby or to gift somebody, then you can consider the latest trends that have been doing rounds. Baby bootie crocheting is quite daunting. You need to understand the basics to get it right. Without getting the basics, you cannot accomplish the task properly. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned in the articles while planning to make a few crochet baby booties to get creative with the entire process.

Step 1: Preparation

Choose a yarn which is light in weight and soft which would be ideal for baby booties. Choose the color and yarn type. You need to get hook of the right size. Check the gauge. This is vital to ensure that the baby booties that you are creating are of the right size.

Step 2: Make the basic booties

Create a chain of 11 stitches which will serve as a base for the first baby bootie. Once a chain has been created, you can turn and initiate crochet stitch on the chain that you have created. Continue the process until you are done with your first round. If you don’t create the basic booties right, you will mess up with the entire process.

Step 3: Get creative

You can use yarn of two colors or crochet a few flowers for the booties if you’re doing this for your baby girl. This will make them appear trendy and will keep your baby girl warm. Check out the latest patterns and designs that are gaining trend.

Whether you plan to crochet baby booties just to learn or for seriously enhancing your skills, you can always consider the things mentioned before initiating the process.

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