Tunic Dress – Fashion Statement in Cool Style

tunic dress best 20+ tunic dresses ideas on pinterest | tunic HDNSGOI
tunic dress best 20+ tunic dresses ideas on pinterest | tunic HDNSGOI

You can say that tunic is another name of elegance. This style is cool and graceful, too. On slim bodies a tunic dress looks striking and for plus size women it adds personality to them while covering some unpleasing details of their body.

You can have a tunic dress of any color or design. It is all about the shape and length of the dress that makes it tunic, not the fabric. For summer pure cotton soft breathable cotton becomes very popular option for making tunic dresses. It keeps the body cool by allowing the body heat to exit instantly.

Adding some details like lace on the shoulder part makes the whole dress pretty even if it is made of plain fabric. Another simple way is to add two small pockets on the front side and as the dress is straight line, these pockets make a good design.

Embroidered tunic dress looks lovely and classic. As the garment reflects old Geek styles, embroidery boosts that vintage aura of the dress. Choose classic shades fabric like blue, red and green for example for making an embroidered dress.

If you choose extra flowing soft and hanging fabric for your tunic dress, add a belt for the waist with it. Belt keeps your figure well-defined while making sure that you enjoy the wide airy feel of the dress in the rest of your body. Belt is a traditional part of tunic dresses. So, you do not break the vintage aura of the dress if you add a belt with some style and glittery details with your dress.

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