Use of crochet motifs

crochet motifs dahlia square ... VYORQAE
crochet motifs dahlia square ... VYORQAE


Crochet is a process which turns yarn into fabric using a single hook. Knitting is a similar activity but differs in some ways. The first difference between both methods of making fabric is that knitting has many open stitches at one time whereas no new stitch is started until the previous one is completed in crochet. Also, knitting uses two needles that are made specifically for this purpose. A motif is a piece of art which is often the shape of flowers or birds and many other items. Motifs can be made of many materials and one type of motifs is crochet motifs. Some motifs are made out of materials that can stick on a piece of cloth permanently by putting the motif on the cloth and ironing it. Different shapes are made out of yarn using this method and used for different purposes.


Motifs can be used for many different reasons. They can be used for decorative purposes as well as designing purposes. Crochet motifs can be used to design clothes and you will often see crochet motifs on cardigans. The crochet motifs are not too difficult to make and designing and decoration becomes easy with a shape that is already made. Motifs might be used to decorate rooms on birthdays or other occasions.

Different types

Many different types of crochet motifs can be found. Different patterns are followed to get different shapes made out of yarn. Butterfly motif and crochet flowered embellishment are some of the common types of motifs that can be seen.

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