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crochet blanket patterns blackberry salad striped afghan LVIVPKF
crochet blanket patterns blackberry salad striped afghan LVIVPKF


Crochet blankets also famous as Afghan blanket is made up of knitted or crochet wool. It is most commonly used as a bedspread. it’s main feature is that it is light weight and designed in beautiful patterns. Here we are going to discuss the three most liked types of Afghan crochet blankets.


The most famous types of afghan are as under,


This kind of crochet blanket is made with minimum stitches and is often made in a single piece. Being a very simple style to make they are practically much liked by the beginners.


When you join a number of colorful different pieces it means that you are knitting a join-as-you-go blanket. While knitting this afghan you just start with the second piece where the first ends.


This style of blanket resembles a lot to granny’s blanket. This afghan is also made up of small pieces called motifs, which may be of any shape. Square, round, or blocks, any design can be followed but the size of the motif must be the same so that they can be joined easily.

Among the above three major styles of making blankets, the motif style is very popular because of its uniqueness of design and also versatility. But before trying to knitting this blanket one must be aware of the fact that it is a very complex design to follow.

So, review the three basic styles of crochet blanket and follow the one that you consider easy to move on. Add more grace and style to your bedroom with the Afghan blankets.

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