What Bottoms to Wear With Crop Tops

crop tops kendall black crop top ... JQMCNZZ
crop tops kendall black crop top ... JQMCNZZ

With the summer season coming you have to choose stylish tops that will cool you and make you look trendy. Crop tops allow a healthy breeze to come in contact with your skin and keep you cool while the hot summer sun shines away. Stay cool, trendy and blissfully gorgeous in summer with crop tops. But how do you complete the look? Which type of bottoms can you wear with crop tops? Below you will find a fully detailed list letting you know all about it.

Midi Skirts

These skirts are usually the ones that reach your knees or go little below them. The come in various colors and materials giving you the choice to partner any type of crop top you have with them.

Boyfriend Jeans

This look is trendy and casual for boyfriend jeans are always never formal or prim. You can find boyfriend jeans that are ripped, distressed, patched and available in many styles. A crop top that knots at the front will look stylish.

Jean Cutoffs

A long sleeved crop top looks great with jean shorts. They complete the look and provide you with ultimate coolness and peace of mind. Although heels would not quite match! Strap on a pair of wedges to place the cherry on top.

High Waisted Everything

From skirts to jeans to pants and trousers, everything that is high waisted looks awesome with crop tops. If you are also reluctant to showing skin then slipping on a pair of high waisted bottoms is your best choice.

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