What you never knew about beginner knitting patterns

free beginner knitting patterns UEMGWXG
free beginner knitting patterns UEMGWXG

Knitting is not that hard as it looks and only one thing that can make you perfect is practice. Start by practicing some simple patterns and as you gain expertise, try the complicated ones. Take a look at the following beginner knitting patterns:

  1. Baby booties

To make these, you just need to use basic knit stitch and then add a buttons on the straps of the booties.

Another variation of baby booties can be made using knit and slip stitch basically and then lazy daisy stitches to decorate them. Finally you can fix matching colored ribbons to toe the booties.

  1. Knitted coffee cozy

Beginner knitting patterns also include knitting coffee cozy since it requires only common knitting stitches. To make it look stylish, don’t forget to leave button holes so that you can add buttons later.

  1. Knitted cowl

This pattern uses knit and purl stitches. You may need to learn brioche stitches to make the cowl. But once done, you will end up knitting a cowl in unbelievable short span of time.

  1. Baby beep

For making baby beeps, you need to use stockinet stitches. This gives smooth texture to the beeps. Make them colorful so that babies love wearing them.

  1. Baby blanket

Blankets are the easiest to knit and most popular among beginner knitting patterns. You can use as many colors of yarn as you like in knitting these blankets. Garter stitches are used in making these blankets.

  1. Fingerless gloves

Making a slip knot, you can complete knitting such gloves in no time. You need to use knit and purl stitches to make these gloves.

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