White Midi Skirt for Elegant Styles

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white midi skirt previous next PWBVZMM

You must have worn a white midi skirt teamed with a cropped top. That is a must-to-try style even for once. The images below can give you an idea of the colors and styles of the tops to blend with your skirt but there are many ideas yet that you need to try and since white midi skirt has so many variations and designs, you must not keep restricted in one style. There is long skirt; and short skirt is also popular.

Pull out the muteness of the skirt with your choice of the top. Pick a colorful shirt from your wardrobe and make it look trendy and summer-like.  Knot the front two parts instead of buttoning them up. Team your outfit with a pair of white heels and carry a handbag of any color that is prominent in your shirt  if you do not want to go out  with white bag.

Embroidered and accentuated tops go perfectly well with white midi skirt. Since it is a summer season choice, let your top be with short sleeves or without sleeves. Light color shades look cool with the white aura of your skirt. Light brown, turquoise and sky blue tops can be teamed for an improved cool look.

As black has always been on top among the color choices that blend with white, your plain black top can team with your white skirt to compliment you. Choose a white and black sandal also with the outfit to make it look really a choice of the day.

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