Wide Calf Rain Boots for a Comfortable Walk in the Rain

... extra wide calf rain boots - navy with white spots SHRWCQJ
... extra wide calf rain boots - navy with white spots SHRWCQJ

Wide calf rain boots have evolved greatly in recent years. Now the product includes chic and bright colored boots that make your mood on a grey cloudy rainy day, pleasant! Color shades like the red and floral like the pink below are featured as the most attractive rain boots. You can have checkered or plain charcoal boots if you like to keep your choice in some matte shade and not so bright. Polka dot boots are a middle taste choice – not so bright and not so muted!

These wide calf rain boots are specially made functional for a plus size calf. With straps adjusting the size is easily possible. Slip-wear wide and long calf boots are hassle-free to wear and comfortable to walk in. While you walk in rain, strap the calves to your size exactly, rain droplets won’t get in from the opening.

The new designs and choices are made more comfortable for cold rainy seasons. They are lined with warm cloth inside which keeps your feet warm while you walk in rain. This has solved the problem for many users who felt cold painful feet while traveling during rainy days and nights. Of course they always had the option of wearing liners but lined shoes warm the inner area for the feet more cozily.

Short calf and long boots are both practical for rainy weather but one is more protective than the other. You need to choose the long calf boot if you have to go through more adverse rainy conditions in your area and because of your specific lifestyle.

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