Winter Shoes with Fur are Warm and Comfy

shoes winter shoes winter boots blue light blue YWQBHMI
shoes winter shoes winter boots blue light blue YWQBHMI

In most cases we want them warm, right? Winter shoes are looked for their warmth in the first place and design and style in the second. If your feet are warm in winter, your body is at its best comfort. Choosing shoes that are added with soft fur from inside is the simplest way to ensure that. Some shoes are added with foam from inside but that does not have the aura of winter. Plus foam is not as durable as faux fur.  Even if from long use the fur looks dirty and ropy, you can clean it with many different techniques.

The choice of winter shoes circulates between high ankle and knee-length shoes. They are not only warmer but also a great style. With laces all over the shin part of the shoe, they become extra attractive in their look; and the furry edge at the end is even lovelier.

Choosing winter colors in shoes of winter season is highly essential.  The best chic colors for winter are all shades of brown – light and dark – and black. Grey is also added in the same level.   Less preferred are contemporary trendy colors like red, blue, purple etc. These are actually spring and summer colors.

One very useful tip to keep your winter shoes always looking and smelling good is to clean them thoroughly at the end of winter with soapy wet towel and blow dry them especially when they have fur. Place 2-3 balls of naphthalene in each shoe and stuff them with your old socks or foam. This saves them from losing shape and developing any crease. Wrap them in a plastic bag and put them away in the cupboard.

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